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NO. 1


Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler (3)

  • Pure New Zealand, Sports Certified, GMP Manufactured, Authentic New Zealand Fernmark Certified
NO. 2


Ultimate Elk Velvet Antler- 3 Pack

  • Promotes Muscle Recovery
  • Supports Joint/Arthritis Health
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Increases Energy
NO. 3


Colostrum Powder, Premium Bovine Colostrum Supplement, Colostrum Powder for Humans, Lactoferrin Supplement & Colostrum Protein with Immunoglobulin (IgG) – 5000mg, 60 Servings per Bottle – Pure Velvet

  • What is Colostrum? All mammals produce colostrum in the mammary glands to deliver a holistic range of essential nutrients required for a newborn baby to live. Grass fed bovine colostrum helps the calf grow extremely fast in the days after birth.
  • The Colostrum Capsule Alternative – We firmly believe that powder Colostrum is the most soluble form of intake. Colostrum pills and Colostrum Capsules limit flexibility of delivery and can limit uptake.
  • Colostrum with Probiotics – Provides gut support and active digestion. Probiotics with Colostrum help to assist digestive function and foster creation of good gut bacteria. Considered as one of the Lactoferrin Supplements in powdered form.
  • Colostrum Powder for Adults – Our Bovine Colostrum supplement is made for Adults looking for gut support, sports nutrition, immune support, and skin rejuvenation. Colostrum Protein Powder helps you do the things you enjoy – better.
  • 3rd Party Tested, Made in the USA – Our Colostrum Supplements are held to the highest quality standards and made in a GMP certified facility. When you order a Pure Velvet supplement, you can be sure you’re receiving the highest quality product.
NO. 4


Dr. Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets New Zealand Deer Velvet Senior Formula for Dogs

  • Helps support and maintain proper body functions of both physical and mental well-being.
  • Helps reduce the negative effects of stress associated with competition or daily activities.
  • Green lipped mussel and deer velvet are natural sources of glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid to support joint function.
  • Ginseng is commonly prescribed to dogs. It may be of particular benefit in the management of Addison’s disease, congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus, chronic low grade hepatitis and cognitive dysfunction.
  • Produced under ideal conditions in New Zealand, using highest quality ingredients.
NO. 5


WhiteTail Naturals (6 Pack) All Natural Organic Deer Antler Dog Chews

  • WhiteTail Naturals – Premium Organic Antlers For Dogs, All Natural Pet Chew.
  • Package Contains: 6 Assorted Small to Medium Premium Organic Deer Antler Chews, 5 to 6 Inches in Length Each. Great for Smaller and Medium Sized Dogs.
  • Naturally Shed, Hand Selected, Washed, Custom Cut, Trimmed and Sanded.
  • Long Lasting, Mess and Odor Free! Naturally Packed with Minerals.
  • Crafted in the USA. No Added Ingredients, Preservatives or Chemicals.
NO. 6


Antler Farms 100% Pure New Zealand Colostrum, 30 Servings, 1 lb – Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Clean Sourced, Cold Processed, Undiluted, High IgG Content

  • 100% GRASS FED – Antler Farms New Zealand Colostrum comes from naturally healthy grass fed, cows. Our cows live outdoors and feed on green pasture year round. They produce the most nutritious and beneficial colostrum in the world.
  • FIRST MILKING – Our colostrum is collected within 24 hours of birth. Within this period, colostrum is loaded with biologically active proteins such as immune factors, growth factors and amino acids. Calves’ needs are always met first.
  • HIGH IgG CONTENT – Antler Farms New Zealand Colostrum has a high concentration of immuno-globulins – regularly tested at 20-25%. It is produced by a large herd with diverse antibodies and resistance.
  • COLD PROCESSED – Our colostrum is 100% pure, undiluted and minimally processed. We flash pasteurize our colostrum and spray dry it at low temperatures to preserve the bioavailability of all of its vital nutrients.
  • CLEAN SOURCED – High quality colostrum begins at the source. Antler Farms New Zealand Colostrum is produced in one of the cleanest places on earth. Absolutely no hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or GMOs are used.
NO. 7


Testosterone Booster for Men | Six Star Pro Nutrition | Test Booster For Men | Extreme Strength + Enhances Training Performance + Scientifically Researched | Test Boost Supplement, 60 Pills

  • TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER FOR MEN – Six Star Testosterone Booster is engineered for all male athletes. Formulated with a key ingredient shown to amplify your body’s natural testosterone production within the normal range, and to improve athletic performance
  • BOOST TESTOSTERONE IN JUST 7 DAYS – Backed by years of research and development and engineered with full doses of scientifically validated key ingredients shown to boost testosterone levels and even combat estradiol
  • BORON SUPPLEMENT FOR MEN – Six Star Testosterone Booster contains 100mg of boron citrate, shown to increase testosterone in 7 days
  • COMBAT CORTISOL – Six Star Testosterone Booster is scientifically engineered with a unique plant based blend shown in a 7-week study to help maintain peak testosterone-to-cortisol ratio after an intense training regiment
  • DAILY WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS – Take 2 capsules with a glass of water twice daily
NO. 8


Longjack Tongkat Ali 1600 mg | 120 Capsules | Longifolia Root Extract Powder | Testosterone Formula | Non-GMO, Gluten Free | by Horbaach

  • Tongkat ali is an exotic herb for men, also known as longjack
  • Tongkat ali has been used for centuries to support male vitality and endurance*
  • Carefully crafted from a potent source, our tongkat ali is a vital herb for stamina*
  • Tongkat ali is a beneficial herb that supports a natural libido*
  • Horbaach Maximum Strength Tongkat Ali 1600 mg helps improve sexual health*
NO. 9


Genius Muscle Builder – Best Natural Anabolic Growth Optimizer for Men & Women | True Weight Gainer Supplement for Steel Physique | Vitamin D w/ HMB & PeakO2 Natural Mushrooms

  • 30 DAYS OF GUARANTEED MUSCLE BUILDING – By scientifically engineering the optimization of every aspect required for muscle growth, we can guarantee results that are fully realized in your performance.
  • INCREASE POWER & ENDURANCE IN 7 DAYS – In a clinical trail at the University of North Carolina on key ingredient; Peak02, 7 days is all it took to see a substantial increase in performance.
  • HEALTHY MUSCLES. HEALTHY LIFE – Build ageless muscle without altering hormone function. With Genius, it’s never too late to build quality muscle. By combing HMB with Vitamin D, we’ve unlocked a unique synergy for improved strength, mobility and stronger bones to withstand activity
  • HUMAN TESTED & HUMAN APPROVED – Our 100% transparent formula contains ingredients that have been subject to 10+ clinical. With absolutely no banned substances, Genius Muscle offers a smart (and legal) solution for athlete advancement
NO. 10


Extra Strength DHEA 100mg Supplement for Muscle Building & Hormone Balance – Supports Natural Energy Levels – Promotes Healthy Aging in Men & Women – 60 Capsules – Dehydroepiandrosterone Formula

  • DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a naturally occurring hormone in your body that starts to decline with age. Sheer DHEA is a pure, high-quality supplement that works to promote energy, support healthy stress response and encourage healthy skin.
  • Sheer DHEA packs a 100 mg in each serving for maximum effectiveness to help you enjoy real results that you can see and feel.
  • Promotes lean muscle growth: Sheer DHEA promotes lean muscle mass and encourages fat-burning metabolism so you feel and look your best in and out of the gym
  • Sheer DHEA is 100% free of the GMOs, preservatives, binders, fillers, dairy, gluten, soy, peanut and egg.
  • Sheer DHEA 100 mg is proudly manufactured in the USA following strict cGMP guidelines. This is done to guarantee ingredient purity, potency, and safety that you need to enjoy real results.

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