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NO. 1


MAJU’s Mental Mushroom Powder Extract, Strong Lions Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Fruiting Bodies for Coffee, Immune System Booster, Nootropic Brain Supplement, Memory, Organic Mushrooms

  • ✅ STRONG FRUITING BODY, 8 TIMES STRONGER, USA GROWN – Our Mental Mushrooms are a powerful organic formula to enhance cognition, clarity, immunity, energy, and more. This genius blend of the four most sought after and researched mycological species of mushrooms on the market packs a punch unlike any other on the market. A smart way to reduce brain fog, support the mind and provide neuro support without the use of a stimulant.
  • ✅ SPOON STIR IN COFFEE, TEA & MORE – The best blend for coffee, tea, and smoothies. Mixing requires a simple spoon stir. We specifically made this a concentrated extract so it is easy to add to liquids. The real mushrooms in this complex are known to boost focus, nerve function, reduce nuero degeneration. Formulated by Maju’s founder, neurohacker who was looking to create the most powerful natural study aid and reach peak performance by experimenting with 100s of herbal remedies botanicals.
  • ✅ BOOST COGNITION & ELEVATE ATTENTION – This is 25% Chaga, 25% Cordycep Sinensis, 25% Lionsmane, & 25% Reishi ganoderma to give you a cognitive, physical, and immune system boost. This is stronger than any mushroom pills and pairs well with other nootropics supplements for those seeking the limitless feeling. (Of course, this is not a treatment for ADHD or any other deficit disorder)
  • ✅ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER – Our lab tests show over 20% Beta Glucan 1, 3-1, 6 content. Why do you need beta glucans? Beta glucans increase host immune defense by enhancing macrophages and natural killer cell function. The adaptogens present in this formula fuels the body in the short term, as well as helps boost mood, & improve oxygen utilization. Sick of taking capsules? This is one powerful concentration of the top rated pure fungus species.
  • ✅ STRESS RELIEF, LIVER SUPPORT AND DETOX – Reishi is a powerful detoxification agent, and our blend has a stronger 8x extract powder. Chaga mushrooms are pro boosters of immunity, and some would say chaga is the king of all myco supplements out there. This brand is not your normal shroom supplement. It is an adaptogen nootropic that also supports heart health and the cardovascular system.
NO. 2


Mushroom Supplement with 10 Types of Organic Mushroom Powder, 120 Capsules. Lions Mane Mushroom Supplement, Reishi Mushroom Capsules, Cordyceps Fruiting Body & Mycelium, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Chaga.

  • More mushrooms! Everyone knows mushrooms are a healthy immune support supplement, nootropic and brain booster. But did you know that MORE mushrooms are even better! Instead of just the usual fungi friends, we added a total of 10 varieties (fruiting and mycelium) for REAL full-spectrum focus!
  • More value! Mother Nutrient Fantastic medicinal mushrooms are the only mushroom supplements with TEN varieties AND 120 mushroom pills per bottle! That’s more than a one-month supply! Not to mention, they’re 100% Organic Mushrooms grown in USA and Canada. Definitely NOT China!
  • No nasty surprises! Our organic lions mane plus the rest are Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Gelatin and Egg-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan-Friendly, and Packaged in easy to swallow vegetable capsules in the USA following cGMP. If for any reason you’re not satisfied within 12-months of purchase, message us through Amazon for a no questions asked refund (no need to return the bottle).
  • Great for moms! If there’s anyone who needs energy, memory and focus support – it’s us mommas! But most mushroom supplements for humans seem to be for alpha super-human hustle and grind types. Mother Nutrient fuels motherhood with a focus supplement that’s smooth and without side-effects.
NO. 3


Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules – 1800mg Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement Grown in USA – Nootropic Brain Supplement and Immune System Booster – Lions Mane Extract Powder – 90 Veggie Caps

  • Simply the Best – Want the best Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement on the market? Then look no further. Our highly potent formula is grown in the USA and provides an incredible 1800 mg of organic Lions Mane total (600mg per capsule), enabling maximum performance and health for your brain.
  • Highest Quality Ingredients – We carefully select our ingredients for maximum health benefit and highest quality. We use U.S. grown organic Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) that has been water extracted from whole fruiting bodies. All of our Purest Vantage products are made here in the USA in an inspected facility following strict GMP guidelines. We are confident you will love our Lions Mane organic supplement.
  • Pure and Clean – We carefully select our ingredients for maximum health benefit and highest quality. We use U.S. grown organic Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) that has been water extracted from whole fruiting bodies. GMO free and vegan safe with no gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, binders, fillers or additives.
  • Lion’s Mane Benefits – A naturally powerful brain supplement, Lion Mane mushroom powder may offer a wide range of health support including reduced inflammation and improved cognitive and heart health. Research suggests that it may help protect against dementia, regulate depression, repair nerve damage, and support the immune and nervous system.
  • Strengthen & Maintain Your Brain – A time tested medicinal mushroom that has been used for centuries, Lions Mane has been studied for helping elevate the cognitive functioning and overall health & wellbeing of the brain. This includes increases in remyelination, nerve growth factor (NGF), and regeneration. It also may reduce mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, and is considered an immune system booster.
NO. 4


100% Pure Lions Mane Organic Mushroom Extract (Fruiting Body) + Bioperine (Absorption Enhancer) – 120 Vegan Capsules, 1800mg – Brain Booster. Mental Clarity. Stress and Anxiety Relief. Immune Support

  • OPTIMUM QUALITY: TRIIBE Lion’s Mane is not the typical US lab-grown mycelium grown on grain (which is not mushroom). We source our Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) from Nammex, real experts cultivating mushrooms since 1989. This means we use 100% Organic Fruiting Bodies, water extracted following “Green-Chemistry” principles. The result is a 100% pure mushroom extract 1:1 with more than 25% Beta-Glucans free from additives. Formulated with Bioperine to enhance the absorption of nutrients.
  • AWAKEN YOUR INSTINCT: Boost Cognitive Performance and Focus. Relieves Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety. Boosts the Immune System. Maintains Healthy Neuron Function. Promotes Brain Cells Regeneration. Reduces Levels of a Harmful Plaque in the Brain. Support Nervous System Health. Promotes Gut Healing and Digestive Health. Reduces Inflammation and Oxidative Stress. Promotes a Healthy Cardiovascular System. Supports Blood Sugar Levels.
  • MIND OVER MATTER: Studies have shown Lion’s Mane to be one of nature’s most powerful nootropics, aiding memory, focus, clarity and overall cognitive performance. In addition, Lion’s Mane has also been indicated to provide immune support, reduce inflammation and provide potent antioxidant benefits.
  • TRIIBE mindfully selects the most beneficial and highest-grade sustainably harvested ingredients in the world, supported by science, developed to the highest standards of quality (3rd party validated) and manufactured in the USA in a GMP facility. All our products are Non-GMO, Gluten-free, with vegetarian certified capsules (free from adulteration, Additives, and harmful ingredients). In Addition, we bring you premium customer support, with personalized assistance. 100% money-back guarantee.
  • YOU ARE HELPING: Also, for every Tribe Organics product that you purchase, you are breaking the cycle of poverty through education. We collaborate with Education for the children, an international NGO that works in partnership with disadvantaged families, children, and young adults in Guatemala, Central America. Thanks for your support!
NO. 5


Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules | 8:1 Whole Fruiting Body Extract | 500mg | 60 Count | Hericium erinaceus

  • LAB TESTED AND VERIFIED – All Nootropics Depot products are thoroughly lab tested to ensure our customers are receiving only the highest quality ingredients at the optimal strength, potency and purity. We take pride in the amount of research put into every product by sourcing only the highest quality and innovative ingredients.
NO. 6


FreshCap Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powder Capsules – Mental Clarity and Focus – Brain Boosting Nootropic – 120 Capsules (60 Day Supply) – Pure and Powerful Lion’s Mane Extract, No Fillers

  • ORGANIC | POWERFUL | LION’S MANE MUSHROOM: Our mushroom supplements are 100% natural, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and Paleo friendly. Cultivated naturally in greenhouses and shade-houses, with constant fresh air, natural light and fresh water. Dual extraction is used to ensure a brain boosting supplement no other nootropic or focus supplement can provide.
  • TESTED AND VERIFIED EXTRACTS: FreshCap Lion’s Mane is an extract made from whole grown and hand picked Lion’s Mane mushroom fruiting bodies. Analytically tested and scientifically verified to contain greater than 25% beta-d glucans, which are the beneficial compounds you’re looking for. We use WHOLE MUSHROOM FRUITING BODIES with no filler, mycelium, extra starch or grains.
  • WHY YOU NEED MUSHROOMS: Lion’s Mane is the ultimate natural nootropic supplement used for mental focus, mental clarity and cognitive function. Perfect for people looking to improve their lives and overall wellness.
  • EASY TO USE: 120 capsules is a 2 month supply at the recommended serving size. Convenient capsules that you can take with you wherever you go. Our manufacturing process allows us to use no fillers, “flow aids” or other unnecessary ingredients. Just pure mushrooms in a natural pullulan capsule.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 100%: We want you to feel amazing and be happy. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with a FreshCap Mushrooms product, we’ll make it right with a complete refund. No questions asked. Get what you’d expect from a premium mushroom supplement.
NO. 7


Stonehenge Health Dynamic Mushrooms – 100% Fruiting Bodies & Extracts – Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi – Nootropic Brain & Focus, Immune System Booster – No Mycelium -60 Veggie Capsules

  • ✔ HIGH POTENCY NON-GMO MUSHROOMS: Contains 5 of the most beneficial mushrooms in Potent EXTRACT forms: Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, & Shiitake rich in BETA-GLUCANS.
  • ✔100% FRUITING BODIES & EXTRACTS: Superior Absorption Power Using Highly Concentrated Extracts and 100% Fruiting Bodies. No mycelium biomass filled with grain or ineffective powders.
  • ✔MENTAL FOCUS AND CLARITY: Dynamic Mushrooms contains 1,000 mg of Lion’s Mane in a Highly Concentrated 4:1 Extract to support improved memory, focus, mental clarity, positive Mood, and overall brain health. The equivalent of 4,000 mg of Lion’s Mane powder.
  • ✔BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM: Helps strengthen your immune system with our potent mushroom extract formula year-round.
  • ✔ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – TRUSTED BRAND: We’re so sure you’ll love Dynamic Mushrooms that it comes with a 100% zero-risk 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely happy, just let us know, and we’ll issue you an immediate refund. Our products are formulated in the USA and produced in a lab that follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
NO. 8


Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules – 1800mg Strongest Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement – Non-GMO Lions Mane Extract Powder – Nootropic Brain Supplement – Brain & Immune Support – 90 Vegetarian Caps

  • More Potent Source – If you are looking for a superior Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement, look no further! Divine Bounty offers one of the most potent Lions Mane mushroom supplements available. Our extra strength formula features 1800 mg of organic Lions Mane extract per serving.
  • Highest Quality Ingredients – Our Lions Mane formula is made up of only pure, dried, water extracted mushrooms with no harmful additives. For purity, we use fresh, organic, U.S. grown Hericium erinaceus, aka Lion’s Mane mushroom, water extracted from whole fruiting bodies.
  • Premium Supplement – Our vegetarian and vegan Lions Mane mushroom powder supplement is non-GMO, with no gluten, shellfish, milk, soy, egg, wheat or tree nuts. This clean supplement is strictly free from artificial ingredients, fillers, binders, preservatives, stearates, silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide.
  • Lions Mane Extract – Lions Main Extract is a long sought after mushroom that has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese herbal products. It also is known around the world by other names, including Yamabushitake, Hedgehog mushroom, Houtou or Satyr’s Beard.
  • A Supplement You Can Take With Confidence – Lion’s Mane supplements can also be found in the form of pills, tablets, and powder. But none are as convenient as Divine Bounty capsules. Divine Bounty is proudly made in the USA in an inspected facility. We stand behind our Lions Mane capsules and are proud to have the best formula on the market. If it doesn’t work for you, let us know. We care about your results. EAN: 9506000122342 09506000122342
NO. 9


CHICO Lion’s Mane Capsules – Organic Mushroom Supplement, Hericium Erinaceus Extract – Natural Support for Immune System, Brain & Heart Health – Non-GMO Formula – 1800mg, 200 Caps per Bottle

  • ✅ GET THINGS DONE – Maximize productivity with our lions mane mushroom supplement! This product supports mental acuity, cognition, and focus. It may also supply you with energy throughout the day.
  • ✅ BRACE YOURSELF – Bolster your defenses 3 capsules at a time. Lion’s mane is naturally loaded with antioxidants that support a robust immunity. It may fend off foreign invaders and keep you safe.
  • ✅ HELP YOUR HEART & GUT – The nutrients in our lions mane capsules also support cardiovascular function and digestive wellness. It may help reduce clotting and protect your gastrointestinal tract.
  • ✅ TAP NATURE’S GIFTS – Let our dietary supplement show you the true power of nature. Each serving contains 1800 mg of organic lions mane extract. We don’t use any GMOs, preservatives, or fillers.
NO. 10


Antler Farms – 100% Pure 8X Mushroom Complex, 180 Capsules 500 mg – Organic Five Mushroom Blend of Concentrated 8:1 Extracts – Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Fruiting Bodies Only

  • 8:1 EXTRACT RATIO – Antler Farms 8X Mushroom Complex is made of powerful 8:1 mushroom extracts. Our sophisticated dual extraction process isolates and concentrates the active compounds to be eight times stronger than other extracts.
  • TOP FIVE MUSHROOMS – Our supplement contains the world’s top five mushrooms – Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Turkey Tail. Together they deliver potent bioactive and beneficial nutrients including beta-glucans and ploysaccharides.
  • 100% PURE – Antler Farms 8X Mushroom Complex is made of 100% pure ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Our products are regularly tested for agricultural, biological and environmental impurities.
  • FRUITING BODIES ONLY – Our mushroom extract uses only the nutrient rich fruiting bodies of mushrooms. We never use mycelium, myceliated grain, or grain spawn that is found in inferior products. Our mushroom extract contains no grains or startch fillers.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Antler Farms 8X Mushroom Complex is certified organic. Our mushrooms are grown on natural substrate with fresh air, water, and sunlight as nature intended. This system is proven to produce the highest quality mushrooms.

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