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NO. 1


Glucerna, Diabetes Nutritional Shake, to Help Manage Blood Sugar, Rich Chocolate & Homemade Vanilla, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: With nutrients to help support immune system health, including protein, vitamins A & D, zinc, and antioxidants (vitamins C & E)
  • HELP MANAGE BLOOD SUGAR: Glucerna shakes have Carbsteady, unique blends of slow-release carbohydrates to help minimize blood sugar spikes. Great as a meal or snack replacement
  • DELICIOUS TASTE TO HELP CURB CRAVINGS: Making a smart choice can still be delicious with Glucerna shakes
  • LISTEN TO THE PROFESSIONALS: Glucerna is the doctor-recommended brand for people with diabetes
  • RICH, DELICIOUS FLAVORS: Glucerna shakes come in 5 amazing flavors you’ll love. Rich chocolate, homemade vanilla, creamy strawberry, classic butter pecan, and chocolate caramel
  • Eligible to be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits
  • In select stores; The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assurance Program) name is a service mark of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; USDA does not endorse any goods, services, or enterprises
NO. 2


Glucerna 30g Protein Shake Diabetes Nutrition For Blood Sugar Management Meal Replacement Shake Rich 11 fl oz, Chocolate, 12 Count

  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES: A simple way to help manage carb intake and help you achieve a healthy diet
  • DESIGNED TO HELP MANAGE BLOOD SUGAR: Has CARBSTEADY, unique blends of slow-release carbohydrates to help minimize blood sugar spikes
  • 30g HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN: Each shake has 30g of high-quality protein to support muscle function and help you feel full
  • #1 DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED BRAND: Glucerna is the #1 doctor-recommended brand for people with diabetes
  • GREAT AS A MEAL OR SNACK REPLACEMENT: Replace small meals or snacks with Glucerna each day
  • NUTRIENTS FOR IMMUNE HEALTH: Has protein, vitamins A & D, zinc, and antioxidants (vitamins C & E)
  • SNAP ELIGIBLE: Glucerna shakes can be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits
NO. 3


KidzShake – Kids Vanilla Cream Protein Powder | Nutritional Supplement Shake for Kids- Gluten Free w/ Probiotics, 12.13 oz

  • PREMIUM NUTRITION MADE EASY | Add healthy calories to your kids diet with a nutritional supplement that is easy to consume and tastes great
  • ALL-IN-ONE NUTRITION | Each bottle contains 16 servings of protein, multivitamin, probiotics, omega-3s, digestive enzymes, and fiber
  • NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS | No Fillers, Preservatives, Dyes, HFCS – this way your kids will get the best ingredients to help them grow and stay healthy
  • DOCTOR DEVELOPED | Formulated to support a healthy immune system, support brain function & concentration, aid in proper digestion & contribute to stronger bones
  • OUR GUARANTEE | Even the pickiest eaters love Kidzshake – However if your child doesn’t love it for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase without any questions asked
NO. 4


BOOST Kid Essentials 1.5 Balanced Nutritional Drink for Children, Chocolate Craze, 8 fl oz (Pack of 27)

  • Specialized Nutrition to Help Kids Grow Strong: Our specially formulated 1.5 kcal/mL Balanced Nutritional Drink provides essential nutrients to help kids grow strong with more calories than our BOOST Kid Essentials 1.0 formula
  • Simply 11 Ingredients and a Vitamin, Mineral and Nutrient Blend: Each serving provides 10 grams of high-quality protein to help support muscle health, antioxidants and an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D to help build strong bones
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners: Our kids drink has no high fructose corn syrup and is soy free, gluten free, kosher and suitable for lactose intolerance (not for individuals with galactosemia)
  • Key Nutrients for Immune Support: Our Balanced Nutritional Drink contains Vitamins C, D, B12 and Zinc, key nutrients for immune support
  • Kid-Approved Taste: Available in 3 delicious kid-approved flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry
NO. 5


Kids Protein Shake – Kids Multivitamin and Probiotic – Best Tasting Kids Probiotic Powder with Vitamins – Chocolate Protein Shakes for Kids – Kids Protein Drinks with Natural Sweeteners

  • This protein powder for kids was reformulated to include Iron Potassium, & RICH new chocolate flavor
  • probiotics for kidsv, vitamin d & 10g of vegan protein per serving with NO added sugar or chemicals.
  • Sproutt kids protein powder has kids probiotics & fiber. Allergen & dairy-free for sensitive tummies
  • Immune boost protein powder for kids contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Iron & Elderberry extract
  • Add 1 scoop of protein powder to food/drink for a nutrient-packed meal to keep them full & growing.
NO. 6


PediaSure SideKicks, High Protein Nutrition Shake for Kids, Chocolate, 8 fl oz (Pack of 24)

  • HELPS KIDS GROW: Protein and key nutrients to help kids catch up on growth
  • COMPLETE, BALANCED NUTRITION: To help kids grow and fill the top 4 nutrient gaps—vitamin D, calcium, fiber, and potassium
  • MORE PROTEIN: 40% more protein, 33% less fat, and 25% fewer calories than PediaSure Grow & Gain
  • NUTRIENTS TO HELP FILL GAPS: As much protein as an extra-large egg, as much calcium as 6 oz of yogurt, and as much fiber as a medium banana
  • PEDIATRICIAN’S TOP CHOICE: #1 pediatrician recommended brand
NO. 7


Pediasure Organic Kid’s Nutrition Shake, Non-GMO, No Artificial Flavors or Colors, No Artificial Growth Hormones, 7g Protein, 32mg DHA Omega-3, Milk Chocolate, 8 Fl Oz, 24 Count

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR KIDS: Nutrition to help support kids’ immune systems with protein, zinc, vitamins A and D, and antioxidants (Vitamins C and E and selenium)
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO HELP KIDS GROW: The same nutrition as PediaSure Grow & Gain shakes, and it’s certified USDA organic
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC: Our organic nutrition shakes are made with milk from grass-fed cows and have no artificial growth hormones
  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR FLAVORS: PediaSure Organic is non-GMO and has no artificial colors, flavors, or carrageenan
  • GREAT-TASTING FLAVORS: Available in delicious milk chocolate and classic vanilla flavors
NO. 8


Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood: Organic Greens, Fruits, Veggies & Probiotics for Healthy Kids, Outrageous Chocolate, 30 Servings

  • It will be better if a shaker style bottle is used to help dissolve the Amazing Grass powder in fluid or blending it in blender in water, milk, juice or smoothies.
  • This nutritional smoothie combines our farm fresh greens with a rainbow of over 30 wholesome fruits and veggies providing kids with the whole food nutrition their growing bodies need and the amazing taste they will love.
  • 7 leafy greens, 14 wholesome fruits & 11 nutrient-rich veggies
  • Helps kids achieve their daily recommended fruits and veggies
  • Certified Organic by CCOF, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO
  • 30 Servings, 6.35 Oz, Add one scoop to 8-10 Oz or more to your beverage of choice, craft the ultimate smoothie or add to your favorite recipe
NO. 9


Kids Greens and Reds Superfood Powder. Best Tasting Organic Vegan Super Food Juice with 25+ Real Fruits and Vegetables. Gluten Free Real Food Vitamins. Green and Red Superfoods Supplement for Children

  • Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap And Even Expensive Imitations! All Greens and Reds Superfoods are Not the same. Some popular brands use Grass Powder while Peak Performance uses Grass Juice Extract. 20 parts of grass make only one part of grass juice powder – that’s why our grass juice powder is 20 times more concentrated than others. Also, unlike cows our stomachs are not made to digest grass. Our grass juice powder is more easily digestible therefore you absorb the maximum nutrients possible!
  • Doctor Recommended Nutrient Rich Antioxidants – Organic Kale, Organic Broccoli, Organic Spinach, Organic Beet, Organic Parsley, Organic Tomato, Organic Moringa, Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Organic Elderberry Extract and more – contains natural phyto-chemicals and chlorophyll that give them their antioxidant powers to neutralize dangerous free radicals in the body.
  • Best Tasting Kids Greens + Reds Real Superfood Supplement – This is, hands down the most Delicious Organic Superfood containing over 25+ cleansing, alkalizing, farm fresh nutrient-rich wholesome fruits and veggies. Aids in digestive support while enhancing your child’s immune system and boosting their energy.
  • No Artificial Or Refined Sugars + Low Carb. We Never use artificial sugars, added sweeteners,refined flours. We Only use the highest quality Real Food ingredients that are Organic, Sprouted, Vegan, and Paleo. Quick Easy Fix – Easily digestible & gut friendly.
  • Over 300,000 Happy Customers + 1-for-1 Donation To Vitamins Angels. Peak Performance is celebrating over 300,000 happy customers and we are also very proud of our 1-for-1 donation match program. For every unit you purchase, through our partnership with the nonprofit Vitamin Angels, we will supply a child at risk of malnutrition with vitamins for 1 year! So thank you for helping us continue this great cause!
NO. 10


Healthy Height Kids Protein Powder (Plain) – Developed by Pediatricians – High in Protein Nutritional Shake to Supplement Child Growth – No Added Sugar, Great for Picky Eaters

  • DEVELOPED BY PEDIATRICIANS. The nutrition in Healthy Height was tested by world-renowned scientists, doctors, and researchers at Schnieder’s Children’s Hospital. It was clinically shown to help kids grow in height and gain healthy weight without increasing BMI. The clinical study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics.
  • HELPS KIDS GROW. Our patented shake mix formula contains the right combination of protein, amino acids, vitamins & minerals clinically shown to promote growth. The yummy research-based nutritional drink helps young children grow when consumed daily as part of a balanced diet.
  • 12 GRAMS OF PROTEIN & NO ADDED SUGAR. Contains 12 grams of high-quality whey protein per serving and 350 milligrams of arginine, a key amino acid for growing tall and strong as part of an overall healthy diet. Our healthy kids shakes are gluten free, soy free, and rbST free. Plus, our plain flavor has no added sugar. No human growth hormone (HGH), corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, or preservatives included!
  • SUPPLEMENT A PICKY EATER’S DIET. This neutral tasting protein is undetectable to even the pickiest of eaters! Get your child the nutrition he or she needs by boosting the nutrient-density of their favorite recipes. You can use it just like you’d use milk — add a couple scoops to their favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime snack.
  • OUR “YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT” PROMISE: Our #1 goal is to help kids grow and we’re committed to making sure you’re 100% happy with your purchase.

Which is the best site to purchase the kids supplement drink?

There are numerous online retail stores and platforms to buy the kids supplement drink. Besides Amazon.com, you have a lot of other choices to buy kids supplement drink. But currently, Amazon is still your best option to buy kids supplement drink. It has a better price, better shipping service, and reliable after-sale service. You can easy to get a refund or item exchange if anything goes wrong with your order.

But on Amazon.com, you will still find a lot of kids supplement drink to choose to buy. How to pick up a good one from them? Firstly, you should figure out your needs for the kids supplement drink. Then, you should check the seller’s reliability. Finally, you must find out and read the true reviews of the kids supplement drink on Amazon.com. We’ve also put together a list of related questions you may want to know :

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Of course, you will have other questions about buying the kids supplement drink. So before purchasing the kids supplement drink from anywhere, you should try your best to get the most information about the product. In nowadays big-data times, you can find them all over the Internet.

Online sources to know deeply about the kids supplement drink :

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What’s the most recommended kids supplement drink to buy in 2021?

Here we list the top-rated and the best-selling kids supplement drink on Amazon.com. Among them, you can choose the most suitable one. Your need for this product, your budget, your favorite color/size/shape, and many other factors will decide which is the best kids supplement drink for you. Generally, we recommend you buying the kids supplement drink at neither too cheap nor too expensive price, and its review rating score must be higher than 4.7.

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