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NO. 1


Rogue Pet Science | Origins 5-in-1 Dog Powdered Supplement | Includes Vitamins, Minerals, Fish Oils and More to Support Canine Hips, Joints, Skin & Coat, Allergies, and Gut Health

  • UNIQUE FORMULA: Our canine probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes for dogs supplement powder utilizes wild caught fish protein and oil unaltered. This sets us apart from other dog vitamins and supplements with 10% wild fish oil in every serving.
  • 5 in 1 HEALTH BENEFITS: Unlike other dog supplements, our dog nutrional supplements address your pets needs. Dog supplements for skin and coat care, anti-itching, digestion, gut health, and of course canine hip and joint. Origins multivitamin supplement does it all!
  • EASY TO USE WITH ALL AGE PETS: No more shoving pills down your best friends throat! Now enjoy the ease of sprinkling our dog probiotics powder on their favorite meal. They won’t taste the difference, but they will feel the health benefits! Whether it’s used as a senior dog supplement or a puppy probiotics supplement – our powder works great on their dry and wet food alike.
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Origins for dogs is a probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic powder for canines sourced domestically and we’re proud of it. All the services and companies we work with to both run and grow our business are in Texas. Our militant effort to keep money in Texas and on main street allows us to impact more than pet health.
NO. 2


Rogue Pet Science | Pumpkin Pro Powdered Supplement for Dogs | Contains Organic Pumpkin, Turmeric Root, and Ginger Root Promoting Gut Health and Help with Loose Stools, Diarrhea, and Stress Management

  • NO MORE UPSET STOMACH: Our dried pumpkin with fermented turmeric and ginger supplement is packed with prebiotics with a combination of pre-digested and undigested fiber with anti-inflammatory properties to prevent and relieve diarrhea, loose stools, and upset stomach in your dog or cat.
  • STRESS RELIEF: The complications of stress on a dog or cat’s health were not being met by fiber filled purées and clay-based products available on the market. Honestly, these products just clog up the intestinal tract.
  • EASILY ADDED: Pumpkin Pro is easily added to your pet’s meal by simply sprinkling the suggested amount over your pet’s food and re-sealing the package. No more cans and No more wasted pumpkin!
  • 100% AMERICAN MADE: Our products are proudly made and packaged domestically with full traceability. All of the services and companies we work with are based in Texas. Our militant effort to support domestic businesses allows us to impact more than just pet health.
NO. 3


Rogue Pet Science | Healthy Weight – Dog & Cat Natural Weight Gaining Supplement | Includes Vitamins, Minerals, & Natural Energy from Whole Eggs, Sprouted Barley, Sweet Potatoes, & Carrot Fiber

  • HEALTHY CALORIES: Unlike some competitors, Rogue would NEVER add plant oils, seed oils, grease, sugar or sugar derivatives in order to increase calorie content in a weight gainer.
  • PREMIUM PROTEINS: our guaranteed analysis of 43% protein per serving is guaranteed to not be derived from by-products and to be free from preservatives and synthetics.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Healthy Weight is made from the highest quality whole-food ingredients like whole egg, whole sprouted barley, organic carrot fiber, organic sweet potato, and more!
  • GUT SUPPORT: Our high-calorie nutritional food topper includes natural vitamins, minerals, pre-biotics, probiotics, and enzymes to help improve your pets digestive system and overall health.
  • NO BULL GUARANTEE: There are a lot of companies selling BS products framed to be healthy and “good” for your pet. That’s not us. There should be no risk to you to try our products. If you aren’t happy we will return your money. No BS.
NO. 4


Nutri-Vet Probiotic Dog Supplements|Grass Guard Max with Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

  • Veterinary formulated to prevent lawn burn and yellow areas on grass and shrubs by neutralizing nitrogenous waste, maintaining a slightly acidic urine pH and binding ammonia in urine and feces
  • Digestive enzymes (amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, cellulase) facilitate intestinal nutrient assimilation to help minimize urinary nitrogen
  • dl-Methionine, a sulfur-containing essential amino acid, helps acidify urine
  • Probiotics help maintain intestinal health to diminish urinary tract nitrogen
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients
NO. 5


PetHonesty GrassGreen Grass Burn Spot Chews for Dogs – Dog Pee Lawn Spot Saver Treatment Caused by Dog Urine – Cranberry, Apple Cider Vinegar, DL-Methionine Grass Treatment Rocks – 90 Chews

  • Reduce Yellow Grass Spots & Grass Burn From Urine – Our GrassGreen soft chews keep your lawn looking green and healthy by targeting the root cause of grass burn and yellow spots. Natural ingredients like cranberry, probiotics and apple cider vinegar help maintain normal and healthy digestion for your dog and reduce the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s urine to keep your grass green.
  • Help Support Normal Digestion And Intestinal Health For Your Dog – A blend of enzymes and probiotics help support proper digestion and bowel health which ultimately protect your lawn and keep it looking healthy. Other natural ingredients maintain normal pH levels in your dog’s urine to reduce yellow and dead grass patches.
  • Premium Natural Ingredients Give Results – No Added Sugar, Wheat, Corn, GMOs Or Preservatives – At PetHonesty we’re committed to premium quality ingredients and strict safety standards. Our GrassGreen dog supplement chews are natural, Made in the USA and use only the highest-quality ingredients like apple cider vinegar and cranberry.
  • Soft Chews Act Like Treats That Dogs Actually Want! – Our GrassGreen bites have a delicious natural flavoring and come in the form of a soft chew that your dog will LOVE. No more hiding pills, tablets or powders in your dog’s food! Our grass green supplement chews act like a treat and provide a bonding experience for you and your dog. 9 out of 10 dogs gobbled these up in a blind taste test.
  • Healthier Dog. Happier You – Improving your dog’s quality of life and time you get to spend with them. Together, let’s keep our pups healthy!
NO. 6


FurroLandia Natural Grass Saver for Dogs – 170 Soft Chews – Dog Pee Lawn Repair Caused by Dog Urine – Grass Saver Rocks – Dl-Methionine – Probiotics – Digestive Enzymes – Bacon Flavor

  • Grass Saver for Dogs- Our dog pee lawn repair not only keep your lawn green and pristine, but they also help your dog stay healthy by boosting their immune system against urinary tract disorders
  • Supports Urinary Tract – Burn spots can be caused by overly acidic pee, a sign that Spot may be at risk for UT disorders & crystal formation. Our green lawn bites promote balanced urinary health
  • Helps Both Lawns & Dogs – Our dog urine grass saver contains nearly 6 billion Cfu’s, making each chew a potent probiotic. These little microorganisms help your dog better digest and absorb nutrients
  • Potent & Safe – Formulated using only natural, pet-safe, easy to digest and yummy ingredients. Our dog pee grass saver contains no harmful or synthetic additives, dyes, grains, sugar, and preservatives
  • Green Lawn Immune Bites – At 170 chews, each tub contains nearly twice as many pieces as other dog pee grass treatment options on the market. Vary amount fed by your dog’s size and weight
NO. 7


PAWFECTCHEW Dog Pee Grass Saver – Grass Treatment for Dog Urine – Dog Urine Neutralizer for Grass Burn Spots – Dog Pee Lawn Repair Treats with Probiotics – Made in USA

  • Green Grass Treats to Rescue your Lawn – if you have grass burns and brown spots all over your lawn, that from nitrogen in dogs urine. Grass Saver chews safely reduce nitrogen level to help you keep your garden spotless green and forget about burned yellow and brown spots once and for all.
  • Kidney, Bladder and Digestion Support – keeping your lawn green is just a one side to the these treats. Formulated with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and DL-Methionine the treats improve urinary tract and bladder function, support proper digestion, ease upset stomach and various stomach discomforts. Use regularly for at least two weeks for best results.
  • Great Value – your will get 120 chews jar of lawn repair bites, that is about 4 month worth supply of premium chewable treats.
  • Treat with Delicious Flavor – even the best supplement won’t be any good if your pet won’t eat it, so we added natural chicken flavoring to our soft chews, so even a picky eater will love it.
  • Made in the USA. Healthy, Safe, Effective – these chews are made in the USA with best quality, human grade ingredients. Treats contain absolutely No sugar, dairy, corn or soy-derived products, artificial flavoring or preservative.
NO. 8


All-Natural Grass Treatment for Dog Urine – Grass Saver for Dogs – Pee Lawn Repair Chews w Probiotics – Dog Urine Neutralizer Solution for Grass Burn Spots – Made in USA – 120 Treats

  • Green Grass Saver – grass burn and yellow spots on your lawn are usually caused by nitrogen in dog’s urine. These lawn repair treats are formulated to moderate the level of nitrogen in dog’s urine thus helping you prevent (stop) grass burn brown marks and pee stains on your beautiful green yard back.
  • Support Healthy Bladder and Digestion – packed with probiotics, enzymes and DL-Methionine these stay green bites take care of your dog’s health, supporting urinary tract and bladder functions.
  • Bark&Spark Commitment – we are keen to give best to our furry customers and we take compromise when it comes to product quality. So we make our lawn protection dog biscuits only in the USA, with sustainably sourced, human grade ingredients. Our lawn guard snacks are suitable for small and large pets of all breeds and ages, from puppies to senior dogs.
  • Yummy Chewables – we made sure every picky eater among our canine customers will love our lawn saver tablets, so we added delicious natural chicken flavor to this supplement. No hassle with pills, powders, wafers, tablets or capsules. Treats contain absolutely NO sugar, dairy or corn.
  • Best Value – with 120 soft chews per jar you will get up to 4 month supply of premium grass pills at a reasonable price, keeping your canine healthy while not spending fortune on overpriced uti supplements.
NO. 9


Artulano Dog Chew Treats for Urinary Tract, Bladder, Gut with Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry, Enzyme Blend

  • Keeps Your Lawn Green: grass saver for dogs helps reduce the amount of nitrogen in your dog’s urine to keep your grass green. You can make sure that your lawn won’t be destroyed by yellow pee spots.
  • Healthy Gut Flora & Urinary Tract: dog chew treats help keep your dog’s bladder and digestive system healthy. Support normal ph levels in your dog’s urine, digestion, bowel, & stomach health.
  • Premium Quality: our grass saver for dogs supplement is rich in natural probiotics, enzyme blend, cranberry, acv, yucca, dl-methionine. Made in the Usa. Effective 180 chews for supporting your dog’s health.
  • Tasty and Easy-to-Use: our treats come in soft chew form – no more hiding pills, tablets or powders in your dog’s food. Chews are fun-to-use due to their yummy duck flavor and pleasant scent.
  • Maximum Potency For Your Dog’s Health: as our chews are made to support your dog’s health, we are always here for you. Contact us 24/7 to get all necessary info and help. Let’s aid your dog together.
NO. 10


Zesty Paws Stay Green Bites for Dogs – Grass Burn Soft Chews for Lawn Spots Caused by Dog Urine – Cran-Max Cranberry for Urinary Tract & Bladder – with Apple Cider Vinegar + Digestive Enzymes

  • Help Your Lawn & Your Pet – Stay Green Bites are grain free soft chews that help with grass burn from dog urine to help your lawn go from burned to beautiful, while also providing digestive support.
  • Grass & Lawn Saver Formula – Each chewable includes Apple Cider Vinegar and DL-Methionine, an amino acid that to support kidneys and nitrogen levels in your dog’s pee to guard against lawn burn.
  • Enhanced with Cran-Max – This formula contains Cran-Max, a premium cranberry concentrate clinically proven to flush out bad bacteria to support the kidney, bladder, urinary tract (UT) health.
  • Advanced Probiotic & Prebiotics – These chewables feature VitaFiber for fiber and prebiotic support, along with DE111 probiotic to support gut micro flora, digestive health, and stomach comfort.
  • Plus Powerful Enzymes – Each treat contains a Digestive Enzyme blend to support digestion, nutrient absorption, and bowel movement to help dogs with gas or constipation.

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