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NO. 1


Farnam Laser Sheen 32 oz Ready to Use

  • Repels dust and dirt
  • Prevents stains from grass, urine, manure, and latigo
  • One application lasts up to a full week
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • 12 oz. concentrate makes 1 gallon
NO. 2


Farnam Horsehoer’s Secret Extra Strength Connective Tissue and Hoof Supplement for Horses 7.5 Pounds

  • Provides optimum nutrition for strong, healthy hooves, tendons and ligaments
  • Helps grow strong, tough flexible hooves
  • Supports cracked hooves & maintains normal hoof walls
  • Supports hoof hardness, hydration and moisture retention
  • Easy-to-feed, extruded nuggets support proper digestion of nutrients for maximum benefits
  • 25 mg of biotin per 2 oz serving
  • Formulated by equine PhD nutritionists and endorsed by farriers
  • Part of the Horse Care Loyalty Rewards Program
NO. 3


Vita Flex Pro Equinyl Joint Forumla with Hyaluronic Acid Supplement for Horses

  • Advanced joint health Formula for extreme performance demands.
  • Hyaluronic acid is added to provide additional joint support for flexibility and healthy joints.
  • Vita Flex comfort horse supplement ingredient may reduce inflammation associated with training and competition, provides joint health support, increases flexibility and shortens recovery time by reducing the emigration of neutrophils to the site of the inflammation.
  • No gastrointestianl side effects
  • 60 day supply, 3.75 pounds
NO. 4


DAC Bloom

  • Direct Action Company
  • Vitamin and mineral supplement for all classes of horses
  • For overall skin and coat health
  • Aids in weight gain
  • Contains essential amino acids
NO. 5


DAC Direct Action Company Orange Superior – 5 Lb

  • A vitamin & mineral supplement for mature horses where additional nutrients may be beneficial
  • Bio-available trace minerals enhanced with probiotics
  • Fortified with B-vitamins
  • Essential amino acids, benefial bacteria, organic Selenium
  • Size: 5 lbs
NO. 6


DAC Colt Grower 5 lb Young Growing Developing Maturing Nutrition Vitamin Mineral Supplement

  • For use in young, growing horses’ diets where additional supplementation of nutrients may be beneficial
  • Vitamins and minerals play a critical role in numerous metabolic functions including reproduction; bone development; nerve function; immune function; hoof, skin and coat quality; as well as energy balance.
  • Enhanced with probiotics.
  • Made in the USA
NO. 7


DAC Bloom 5 lb Horse Weight Gain Calorie Hoof Skin Coat Fat Supplement

  • Helps improve overall hoof, skin and coat quality
  • Provides additional calories to assist in weight gain
  • Provides a fat and mineral profile for all classes of horses.
  • Assists in weight gain or maintenance during exercise
NO. 8


Kathys Show Tack dac Oil 5 Gallon (38 lb) Pail

  • Perfect for all classes of horses to add shine to their coat
  • 98% fat content
  • Blend of vegetable oils; flaxseed and fish oils; vitamin E
  • Introduce gradually to the diet
  • Size: 5 gallon, 38 lb pail
NO. 9


DAC Yucca 5 Way Pac for Horses – 5 lb

  • Antioxidant and free radicals to help reduce ammonia from animal waste
  • Help alleviate daily discomfort
  • Live yeast culture, increases fiber, phosphorus and calcium digestibility in mares
  • Contains Bio-available trace minerals, copper, magnesium, zinc and manganese
  • Size: 5 Pounds
NO. 10


DAC Cool Gut, Ulcer Treatment for Horses, 5 lb

  • Specially formulated for foregut and hind gut support
  • Helps maintain proper gut pH and gut flora
  • Perfect for horses that are under stress associated with training, traveling, competing, stall rest
  • Size: 5 lbs

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